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I stopped and stared. Arms barred my way and hands clung to my clothes and hair, tearing and pulling me away. It did not matter. At that moment, I was immovable, petrified by the eerie sight of her, the other one, the one who haunted my dreams and my thoughts and my ear, whispering sly thoughts. The one who haunted my mirror. She slowly turned and our gazes collided, neither willing to give. With the same slow control, she stretched open her lips, baring blindingly white teeth and perfect lips.
She smiled.
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July 5 Anno Domini 1535
Tower of London, Greenwich, England
The torches flicker.
It is cold in this godforsaken cell. It is an imperfectly cubic room, devoid of comfort; the hard stones are damp and leech all warmth from the room. Thin slivers of moonlight leak through the bars of the window and pool on the uneven floor.
In the corner, a man waits solemnly. Sleep escapes his grasp tonight. The dull clink of chains echo back from the stone walls, mocking him as he contemplates the events that had resulted in his current situation.
11 years. 11 years of trust and friendship. 3 years as a constant fixture at His right hand.
Through all His trials, he had remained by His side; they had laughed together, broken bread together, and argued with one another, as only the closest of brothers can. Only this time, it was no simple quarrel. The careful foundation that they had built together—all of it had crumbled and been destroyed. And for what? A woman? A woman, who had single-handedly bew
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Something is choking me. I find my eyelids plastered to my face, unable to wake up and all I can feel is cold, cold, cold. I swear the fearful sweat that beads out on to my skin freezes in its tracks. I can feel the frost clinging to my face and to my arms.
My senses abruptly flicker on as I fight the heavy blanket of oblivion and I can feel; I can feel the wind rushing past me, I can feel gravity pulling on me—I can remember falling.
Survival instinct kicks in. Wake up, dammit.
Gasp. Deep breaths. Dry heaving.
I wrench my eyelids open just in time to see the ground rushing up at me.
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“Wake up. Wake up. Wakeupwakeupwakeup wake uuuuup!”
I groaned and rolled onto my side, stubbornly sandwiching my face between my pillow and the mattress.
“Realtaaaaa. Wake uuuuuuuup.” A slight dip in the mattress was the only warning before I felt a cool prickle running along my back where my shirt had ridden up.
I scrambled up in a tangle of blankets and limbs, protesting, “Alright, alright I’m getting up!” I squinted through the faint light leaking through my blinds and jumped on my brother, pinning him to the mattress and tickling as he struggled, shrieking with laughter all the while.
“Someone has too much time on their hands, huh? Why don’t you help me clean up whatever it was that you spilled on my back?”
“What are you—ahahahaha don’t do that! What are you talking about?” he asked breathlessly.
“Oh, you know exactly what you did,” I growled, “you threw grass at me again, d
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Conscious, Unconscious
She’s walking along the dark corridor with one hand against the wall and the other clutching tightly to the remains of memories. She doesn’t know where she is, or how she got there, or where she is going; all she knows is that there is something that she’s reaching toward, something that pulls her forward with the haunting aura of inexorable fate.
And empty silence awaits her. Subtle fingers crawl up the back of her neck and tug at her choppy locks, but she can’t tell if they are pulling her away or toward the direction that she is walking in. And her legs keep walking forward one step at a time: left, right, left, right; only she doesn’t walk as much as she limps.
She suddenly becomes aware of a sticky mess clinging to her legs and she looks down. She realizes how illogical her actions are—it’s dark. Too dark. But when she looks down, she can see them, the mass of regrets and shame groping mindlessly at her and refusing to let go. Another whis
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A Harmless Pet
They stared with abject horror at the opening in the wall.
"Papa... I don't think there’s supposed to be a hole there,” Suzie whimpered from behind the shelter of her father’s knees. Her hand trembled as she clutched at his shirt for comfort, her other hand held up to her face as she chewed her thumb nervously.
“I don’t think so either, sweetie. I also don’t think Mittens is supposed to breathe fire.”
The cat in question was currently curled up peacefully on the fireplace mantle, looking for all the world as if it were just another ordinary afternoon. It nonchalantly licked its paws in what would have been an innocent motion were it not for the incriminating ash clinging to white fur.
Suzie found herself abruptly shoved backwards by her father, startled by Mittens’ jumping down from the mantle. It—he refused to acknowledge the cat as anything other than an alien entity; it breathed fire for god’s sake—landed grace
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Coffee-Stained Soul
  She stood gracefully and walked swiftly away from the table, chair squeaking in protest as it scraped against the hardwood floors. The buzz of the cafe noise faded into the background.
  Tap. Tap. Tap. -- he counted them, the familiar rhythm of her bright red stilettos -- 14. Then -- the jingle of the chimes, giggling like a mischievous child. He sat immobile and counted. 1. 2. 3. The number of people who coughed. 7 -- glasses clinking at the back. He counted his breathing -- in, out, in, out. It was normal.
  Calmed by the regularity of the surroundings, each accounted for, he blinked, and the table came back into focus. She had left a few coins carelessly scattered across the polished surface and haphazardly strewn around her lipstick-stained cup.
  Abandoned on the tabletop remained a crumpled coffee-stained napkin. With hands that didn't even tremble, he slowly disentangled one of his hands from the other and picked up the napkin gingerly, as if it w
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*Dusts off journal and account*

Well it's been a while. Life happened and first year of university was... interesting, to say the least. In an attempt to stop my chronic procrastination and oil my now rusty writing skills, I am participating in FFM 2014! Look forward to my daily lit spam. :)
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